Sophie Desvergnes

Sophie discovers her passion for music very early and enters the National Conservatory of Reims at 7, where she starts to learn the double bass.
After a long journey in classical music, punctuated by various experiences in regional orchestras and in masterclasses, competitions and musical festivals, she obtained a first prize of double bass at the National Conservatory of Nice.

She decides to expand her repertoire while continuing the classic.
Her repertory is expanded : classical, jazz, dixieland, French and international variety, Italian, Irish, Gypsy music, trip hop, accompaniments of plays ...
She then uses the whole sound palette of her instrument, which allows her to take part in many ensembles with very different musical horizons.

She plays in various regional classical orchestras (among others Nice Opera), quartets, jazz and strolling orchestras, accompanies singers and singers in French variety...